Mr. A. Ravi Kumar B.E,M.Tech, Assoc. Prof
HOD of CSE Dept.
SSJ Engineering College
Mr. Ravi Kumar Aakuthota, Assoc. Professor & Head of The Department for Computer Science and Engineering Department at SSJ Engineering College, Hyderabad. He is widely cited for departments design and development of ideal learning environment and promoting the activities of the departments. He was instrumental in successes of various workshops and technical fests.  Mr. Ravi Kumar received B.E degree in CSE from Karnataka University, Dharvad in 2001 and M.Tech from Bharath University, Chennai in 2005. His research activities were in the fields of Software Engineering and Cloud computing. His contribution can be well understood through his 12 publications in international journals. He has been serving on a number of important committees of the institute.
The Faculty
S.NO Name of the Faculty Designation Qualification Experience
1 Dr. G.Anil Kumar Professor & Principal M.Tech, Ph.D 15 Yrs
2 Mr.A.Ravi kumar Assoc.Prof & HOD M.Tech 12 Yrs
3 Mr.P.Prashanth Kumar Asst.Prof M.Tech,(Ph.D) 7 Yrs
4 Mr. B.Narendra Kumar Asst.Prof M.Tech,(Ph.D) 7 Yrs
5 Mr. R. Sreedhar Asst.Prof M.Tech 13.6Yrs
6 Mr. K.Sreenivas Reddy Asst.Prof M.Tech 7 Yrs
7 Mrs. N. Bharathi Asst.Prof M.Tech 4 Yrs
8 Mrs. L. Pavani Asst.Prof M.Tech 5 Yrs
9 Mr. P.Vamsidhar Redd Asst.Prof M.Tech 2 Yrs
10 Mr. M. Vishnuvardhan Asst.Prof M.Tech 2 Yrs
11 Mr.B.Swetha Asst.Prof M.Tech 1 Yr
12 Mr. K.Venkateswarlu Asst.Prof M.Tech 1Yr
13 Mrs. P. Havilah Asst.Prof M.Tech 1 Yr
14 Mr. P.Vijay Kumar Asst.Prof M.Tech 2 Yrs
15 Mrs M.B.Sailaja Asst.Prof M.Tech 9
16 Ms Suparna Das Asst.Prof M.Tech 1 yr