Mr.S.Jagadeesh M.Tech,[Ph.D], Assoc.Prof
HOD of ECE Dept.
SSJ Engineering College
Mr.S.Jagadeesh, Assoc. Professor & Head of The Department for Electronics and Communication Engineering at S.S.J. Engg College, V.N. Palli, Gandipet, A.P, India. His B.Tech degree in Electronics & Comunication Engineering from SKDU,Ananthapur and M.Tech degree in Electronics & Comunication Engineering from JNTU-Hyderabad. He has more than 11 years of experience in teaching and research. his current research interest includes Digital image processing and electronics.
The Faculty
S.NO Name of the Faculty Designation Qualification Experience
1 Mr. S. Jagadesh Assoc.Prof M.Tech, (Ph.D) 18 Yrs
2 Mr. K. Suresh Kumar Assoc.Prof M.E,(Ph.D) 7 Yrs
3 Mr. G. Narahari Asst.Prof M.Tech 6 Yrs
4 Miss. K. Soni Asst.Prof M.Tech 5 Yrs
5 Mrs. Tarannum Sultana Asst.Prof M.Tech 5 Yrs
6 Mis. S. Rekha Asst.Prof M.Tech 5 Yrs
7 Mrs. K. Aswini Asst.Prof M.Tech 1 Yr
8 Miss. A. Indira Asst.Prof M.Tech 2 Yrs
9 Mr. P. Rajalingam Asst.Prof M.Tech 2 Yrs
10 Mr. K.V Subba Reddy Asst.Prof M.Tech 1 Yr
11 Mr. A.Venkata Ramana Asst.Prof M.Tech 2 Yrs
12 Mrs. U. Anusha Asst.Prof M.Tech 4 Yrs
13 Mrs.G. Naga Durga Asst.Prof M.Tech 1 Yr
14 Mrs.A. Joythi Asst.Prof M.Tech 1 Yr
15 Mrs. N. karthika Asst.Prof M.Tech 4 Yrs
16 Mr. D. Mahi Pal Asst.Prof M.Tech 1 Yr
17 Mr. A. Krishna Kumar Asst.Prof M.Tech 2 Yrs
18 Mrs. C. Anjani Asst.Prof M.Tech 2 Yrs
19 Mrs. T. Sushma Asst.Prof M.Tech 2 Yrs
20 Dr.V.Balaji Professor M.Tech, P.hd. 14 Yrs
21 Mrs.P.Srilataha Asst.Prof M.Tech(EEE) Control Systems 2 Yrs
22 Mrs.B.Mounika Reddy Asst.Prof M.Tech 4 Months